English Cocker Spaniels

An Online Owners Guide


Our Favorite Books

'Champ' - Owczarzak

* Non-Fiction/Educational *

Calming Signals: 
The Secret Language of Dogs
by Turid Rugas

Dogs Are From Neptune  
by Jean Donaldson

Don't Shoot The Dog
by Karen Pryor

The Culture Clash  
by Jean Donaldson



* Non-fiction/Pleasure *

Louise Shattuck's two books:
In Stitches over Bitches and
From Riches to Bitches

Dogs and Their Women  
by Barbara Cohen and Louise Taylor

The Intelligence of Dogs  
by Stanley Coren


by John Galsworthy's




'Holly' - Land

* Fiction/Mysteries *

anything by Susan Conant or Carol Lea Benjamin

* Fiction/Young Adults *

(All featuring a spaniel)

Champion Dog Prince Tom  
by Jean Fritz and Tom Clute

The Dog Who Wouldn't Be  
by Farley Mowat

The Black Spaniel Mystery  
by Betty Cavanna

Adam of the Road  
by Elizabeth J. Gray 
(a Newberry Award winning title)