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The following links will take you to our favorite sites, where we are sure you will find additional useful information about dog ownership in general, and English Cockers in particular. 


English Cocker E-mail lists you can join:

OneList - Enter English Cocker in the Search Box.
Cockers Natural Diet - Discussions on feeding a natural, all-raw diet.
Hoflin List - Choose English Cocker Spaniel in the drop-down menu.

The English Cocker Spaniel Club of America
Northeast English Cocker Spaniel Club
Cocker Spaniel Club of Southern California
Heart Of Michigan English Cocker Spaniel Club
AKC - the English Cocker Spaniel breed standard

Dog Shows/Events:
Agility Events
American Spaniel Club   Held annually in New Jersey during January
The Canadian Kennel Club
- Agility Events 
The  ECSCA National Specialty - Held in Flint, Michigan June, 2000
Info Dog - Dog Show Site
Jack Onofrio Dog Shows, L.L.C.
USDAA - Agility Events Home Page

English Cocker Merchandise:

E-Bay ECS items for auction.

General Information:

Breeding your first litter of puppies?  Check this out before you begin.
Dog Net - Online Canine Resources
Dog-O-Mania - A dog search engine.
The English Cocker Spaniel  Information Pages 
Hoflins Top 10 - Top English Cocker Spaniels in the USA
K-9 Web English Cocker Information
English Cocker Rescue
AKC - The English Cocker breed standard

Health Care:

Virtual Vet Web Site
Morrills - Natural & Homeopathic Remedies - a Cocker specific site.
Dog Food - Lists the ingredients in all the major brands of kibbles, including most of the premium and boutique brands. 
K-9 Web - FAQs page
Pet Net - A pet health care newsletter. 
Thomas Labs
- Alternative (holistic/homeopathic) pet health supplies.
Flea Smart - An excellent all-natural flea control


Traveling With Your Pet:

Pets Welcome   Places you can stay with your pet.
Pet Information Resource: Find A Pet-Friendly Hotel