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English Cocker Spaniels    


Welcome to our Online Owners Guide to the English Cocker Spaniel dog.       

     We are a  group of dedicated people that own, compete with, breed, love & live with English  Cockers.   This web site has been developed so we may share with  you our experiences over the last 20 or 30 years.

     The gathering of information found on this site focuses on choosing, raising, training, and sharing your life with an English Cocker. We hope you enjoy your visit here, and find some useful information.                                 

Photographs, articles, tips and tricks contributed by:
Mindy Bartholomew, FaeryTails English Cocker Spaniels - North Carolina
Allen & Monika Cook, Madrilene English Cockers  – Tennessee
Greg & Tracey Deyette, Ashbrook English Cockers  – New Hampshire
Sheila Eckstein, Obedience, Hunting,  Agility – New Jersey
Deb Fouchee, Agility, Breed Conformation, Obedience, Tracking - Alabama
Ellen Goldman, Blackacre English Cocker Spaniels - Florida
Pete & Babs Land, Cedarbrook English Cocker Spaniels – Alabama
Myra Main, Ashwood English Cocker Spaniels - Canada
Judy Miller, Millermeade English Cocker Spaniels - Wisconsin
Jim & Paula Minor, Elan Spaniels – Indiana
Catherine Nikiforow, Arcata English Cocker Spaniels – New Hampshire
Deb O’Crowley, Agility, Breed Conformation, Obedience, - Minnesota
Lauren Ogburn, Sunbay English Cocker Spaniels - Florida
Debbie Owczarzak, Golden Gait English Cocker Spaniels – Illinois
Arliss Paddock, Aralee English Cocker Spaniels – New York
Judy Priestley, Carillon English Cocker Spaniels – Michigan
Linda Robinson, Rustlin English Cocker Spaniels - Georgia
Karen Roth, Bellflower English Cocker Spaniels – Georgia
Alice Savoy - Agility, Obedience, Pet Therapy, Tracking - Massachusetts
Val Schuetze, Breed Conformation - Canada
A. Cassie Smith, Agility and Obedience - Pennsylvania
Joyce Thomas, Merrymist English Cocker Spaniels, North Carolina
Eva Walker, Vryling English Cocker Spaniels - Alabama

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